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Creeping Indigo

    Myakka Valley Food For Thought Club:
    Next Book Club book: TBA.

           Lies Wolbers is the Book club contact: 922-4606
    (Please contact to let her know how many plan to attend)
                                                                     Hoofbeat News  February 2021

    Because of the Coronavirus epidemic, there won’t be any formal meetings. Instead, look into the
    Facebook page: Myakka Valley Ranch Club, for information on rides and activities.
    Here is a list of some horse related activities:
    •        Sunday, February 14, 2021 at 1pm: Valentine’s Day at the Sarasota Polo Club. Please check their website: for more
    •        Equine Scent Clinic: The Peace River Search and Rescue Assoc. is planning to put a Horse Scent Detection Clinic. They are planning to
    bring a specialist to train horses to detect and respond to scents while doing a search. This clinic will be for three days at a cost of $300 per rider.
    The tentative dates are April 8 to April 11 from 8am to 5pm. It will be held in the Myakka State Forest. For more information, call 941 548 7560.

    Feel free to send any information regarding horse activities and articles that you want to see posted in our news. Send it to