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    Myakka Valley Food For Thought Club:
    Next Book Club book: TBA.

           Lies Wolbers is the Book club
    contact: 922-4606 (Please contact to
    let her know how many plan to attend)
    Ladies Get Together:
    Jacqueline De Beer-Botha will host This month’s get together Wednesday,
    July 10th 7:00 pm 4909 Tucumcari

    Join us for a casual gathering with your neighbors. We have lots of new folks in the Valley and
    it’s great to meet some fellow Myakkians. You always come away with useful information.
    Please bring a dish and beverage to share, but if you’re crazy busy, coming empty handed is okay.
    We always have plenty of food
Creeping Indigo

                                   Hoofbeat News
                                        July 2019

    The Fourth of July parade and picnic turned out to be a
    great success. Neighbors watched as the parade marched
    on, everything decorated in red, white and blue. The riders
    rode their horses, the fire truck drove on, Peggy Creadon
    brought her horse carriage, the kids rode on the open
    trailer. Afterwards, everyone headed to Dale and Lisa Ream’
    s house for a wonderful picnic.  You can see some of the
    photos of the event in the Facebook page. There will NOT
    be a meeting on August OR September. Keep an eye for
    Hoofbeat News in TNT, to find out when and where we will
    have the next meeting.  So, have a restful and safe

    MVR Garden Club