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    Q1. "Why has access for launching small boats and
    kayaks on Old Ranch Rd. to Howard Creek been blocked
    by the short telephone posts?" A Resident.

    A1." The Board considered your query about launching
    kayaks and other boats from within the Valley.

    You are correct that there was, and still is, a launching
    area in our Park on Old Ranch Road.  However, in 2007
    the County made clear to the Board that any infringement
    of the conservation status of the park would result in a
    prosecution.  Among the issues they raised was that no
    motorised vehicles are allowed within the Park.  So we
    were obliged to block off motor vehicle access and put
    up warning signs.  You may still launch your kayak, but
    you will have to carry it from the road to the Creek.  The
    Board considered offering an alternative launching site
    from our other Park by the bridge.  However, the water in
    the Creek is of varying depth, there are fallen tree
    branches and other obstructions when the water level is
    low, and the route passes several properties whose
    owners might object.

    I am sorry we cannot be more helpful."

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