Other Links  and Numbers
County Code Enforcement                                 861-6500
County Public Safety Communications              861-5000
County Waste Program                                      861-1530
County Animal Service                                     861-9500
County Mosquito Control                                  861-9751
Poison Information                                     800 222-1222
County School Board                                        927-9000
Doctor's Hospital                                              342-1100
FPL Street Light Outage (Norma Whitler)         921-2191
Sarasota Memorial Hospital                             917-9000
Hurricane Preparedness - County
Hurricane Preparedness - Info re: Horses/Animals

Area Political Representatives*

U.S. Congress - District 13 - Vern Buchanan
State Senate - District 21 - Nancy C. Detert
State House - District 67 - Ron Reagan
County Commission - Jon Thaxton

Articles/Sites of Interest to the Myakka Valley Area

Myakka Valley Ranches Plat Maps - note - choose Subdivision for
Plat Type, enter Myakka Valley for Title to get a list of the Units to choose from.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune Articles on Myakka River

11/13/05 Article on Invasive Species/Disappearing Species

11/9/05 Article on new Myakka River Map
Jim Holthaus 924-6459
Medical-Liz Wolbers 922-4606
Jackie Vizzi 929-7165