Hoofbeat News
                                            March 2019
    Janny Wurts and Don Maitz were the hosts of the March Trail
    Club meeting. There was much discussion and conversation as
    friends greeted each other. The conversation then turned into a
    group discussion on what to do if you have a runaway horse as
    experienced with the lost mustang that was running loose in the
    Carlton Preserve. Luckily, the horse was found, after many
    searches by riders and concerned persons.
            South Creek Foxhounds is scheduling a Hunter Pace on
    April 7, 2019, starting at 8AM. It will be held in the Alafia River
    State Park. For more information, check the South Creek
    Foxhounds Facebook page.
            Our next meeting will be held at Mark Zabik’s home. Please
    join the group on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 7PM. Mark’s home
    is located at 6965 Old Ranch Rd., Lot #258. Bring your own drink
    and a covered dish to share.